For student
  • Self-selecting assignments to reach the right level in a subject based on a set goal
  • User-friendly screens to monitor progress and adjust the learning plan
  • No biased assessment: progress is recorded

For teacher

  • Screens for easy monitoring and management of students' educational plans
  • Freedom to create customised materials to create your teaching style
  • Simple interface - just what you need for the learning process
For parent
  • Tailor assignments to your child's learning level and interests
  • Convenient screens for analysing progress - you always know how your child is learning
  • Transparent grading - there are criteria and you can see the history of assignments and courses
For principals
  • An analytics system that allows you to track key performance indicators of the educational process and make decisions based on statistical data
  • Customisation of the assessment system for a specific school
Why is it easy and efficient
to work with us

Fast support
We are on call, guarantee technical support help by mail.
Flexible settings for each school
It is possible to create unique designs and evaluation system for each school.
Easy monitoring of learning progress
With the monitoring screens, teachers and management can quickly and conveniently monitor and adjust learning progress.
Quick response
technical support
Solve any issue in the mail and on the phone in one conversation, without waiting or switching.
Work in peace of mind, we take care of technical tasks.
We can customise additional mechanics and customise the interface to suit the needs of each school.
Adaptation for every school
Interested in the
Sign up for a demo. After the demo, we can give you access to the demo version of the platform.